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About the ABGA

The Australian Blueberry Growers' Association is the representative association of blueberry growers formed in the mid 1970's in order to consolidate and progress the Australian industry. One main goal of the association is to ensure an Australian blueberry industry that produces quality fruit and is profitable and environmentally sustainable. The market is expanding worldwide due to the recognition of the blueberry's great flavour and health benefits.

At present, the ABGA is made up of over 230 grower members from six states. It is overseen by an experienced and passionate elected committee led by a professional Executive Director, Alex Smith, with many years of experience in Australian agriculture. 95% of Australia's blueberry production is estimated to have come from members of the association.

A voluntary levy provides funds to achieve the objectives of the industry such as research, development and marketing. Research into growing and storage techniques are of focus for the association along with market access issues; both domestic and international. In order to encourage people to enjoy fresh Australian blueberries, the ABGA carries out several marketing activities. These include demonstrating how people can incorporate the berries into their diets and increasing the awareness of the health benefits associated with blueberries.

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