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Variety Descriptions

Blueberries are grown all over Australia. The warmer areas of Australia grow Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye (low chill) varieties while the cooler areas and areas that experience frost grow Northern Highbush (high chill) varieties.

Blueberry varieties require differing amounts of chill hours for flower and fruit development. Chill hours are the cumulative number of hours where the temperature is below 7 C. Some varieties are self-fertile yet all benefit from being planted nearby another cultivar from the same variety.

Evergreen varieties retain their leaves year round while deciduous varieties leaves will fall off over the winter months. Northern Highbush varieties are deciduous while Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye varieties are semi or fully evergreen.

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Blueberry Types

Rabbiteye (8)

With firmer berries and thicker skin, the Rabbiteye variety is a hardy plant which can tolerate a multitude of climate conditions unlike the Northern and Southern Highbush.

Southern Highbush (5)

These low chill varieties are specially bred for heat tolerance and low winter chilling. They produce unique foliage, bloom and plant characteristics to that of the Northern Highbush.

Northern Highbush (9)

Northern Highbush varieties are the most commonly grown around the world. They require between 750-1000 chill hours to satisfy dormancy.

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