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Current State of Industry

The Australian blueberry industry is expanding rapidly and has huge potential. Blueberries are a popular and well flavoured food that is sought by the health conscious consumer. Today, Australian blueberries are prized for their premium quality, delicious flavour and consistency in size. Fresh blueberries are available from June to April

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Demographic of Australian Blueberry Industry

This report is the final report for BB13000 Understanding the Demographic of the Australian Blueberry Industry and is the final milestone 190 for this project which ran from July 2013 to December 2014.

Project Number: BB13000

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Labour & Workforce

Final Report

Workforce and Skills Needs Analysis - North Coast NSW Horticulture Industry 2014

In April 2014, and with the support of the macadamia, avocado, banana and blueberry industries on the north coast of NSW, the North Coast Institute discussed with AgriFood Skills Australia (AgriFood) the need for essential preliminary work

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ABGA Logo 2014

Cron Job Starts